Who is PerioSciences?

Did you know antioxidants are naturally found in saliva and play an important role in oralantioxidants in oral care health.  Oral health has recently been linked to overall health, specifically, oral inflammation is linked with heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, low birth weight babies, rheumatoid arthritis and erectile dysfunction just to name a few.  PerioSciences is a company that understands this and plans to introduce a full range of antioxidant-based oral care products designed to support the salivary antioxidant system.

Saliva contains many compounds, including antioxidants, which are important to oral health and disease prevention. A review of published university-based research from the past decade provides a wealth of support that low levels of salivary antioxidants or low TAC (total antioxidant capacity) are common in many oral diseases, including xerostomia (dry mouth), periodontitis, TMJ, and even oral cancer.

PerioSciences recognizes that creating a new category in oral care will require solid research, quality products and innovative distribution. Led by the same entrepreneur that co-founded skincare giant SkinCeuticals – the company that pioneered the category of antioxidant based skincare, PerioSciences is in a unique, strategic position to create a new category for the dental market – antioxidant based oral care.

Leveraging management’s past research and formulation experience, PerioSciences has forged essential relationships with experts in the fields of dermatology, biochemistry, dental, medical health, and academic research. The collective expertise and synergies of these relationships will enable PerioSciences to bring this innovative oral care technology to market.

As evidenced by the resounding success of SkinCeuticals, continual scientific research is the driving force in the creation of innovative products. PerioSciences understands this and has a research team that is dedicated to the pursuit of serious, valid science and the production of effective products. Above all, science is at the forefront of their endeavors.

The new, antioxidant-based oral care line of products will be available exclusively from your dental professional. That does not mean consumers will have to visit their dentist’s office every time they want to buy antioxidant-based toothpaste or antioxidant based mouth rinse. PerioSciences has developed an e-commerce solution that can be integrated with your dentist’s website to provide for easy ordering and home delivery of these innovative oral care products.

The PerioSciences antioxidant technology is currently available in a gel, rinse and a specific, topical gel designed for nicotine users.  Toothpastes and other oral care products are in development and are expected to be available later this year.  The first products released, all of which contain the patent-pending antioxidant combination, not only support salivary antioxidants but also have a unique blend of essential oils, menthol and thymol to ensure a great taste and fresh breath.

Response to the PerioSciences products has been tremendously positive with many patients reporting great taste, soothing upon using and significant improvement in the appearance of oral tissues.  Dental professionals are rapidly endorsing the daily use of topical antioxidants as a routine part of a complete oral care regimen.

If you would like to learn more, visit the PerioSciences website, find PerioSciences on Facebook, and follow PerioSciences on Twitter.

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