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antioxidants in oral careWho doesn’t love to see their name in print?

At PerioSciences, we love to see our name and our dental antioxidant products appearing in the media, and all of a sudden, we’re seeing them a lot! Here are just a few of the places where our AO ProVantage products took the spotlight:

•           Marie Claire, January 2012.  The Beauty section’s article, “Damage Control: Get 2012 Off to a Gorgeous Start,” lists AO ProVantage Blast among the featured products for “Fresh Starts” on page 128.

•           People Style Watch, February 2012. PerioSciences’ Soothing Dental Gel—a.k.a. AO ProVantage—is listed as an “Amazing Beauty Find,” page 123. The editors note that it’s amazing because it makes your mouth healthier. “Our tester’s sensitive gums looked and felt better after two weeks of daily use.”

•           InsiderBeautyBuzz.com, January 9, 2012, says quite a bit about us in “Antioxidants for your mouth?” See what they have to say about our company, PerioSciences, and our one degree of separation from SkinCeuticals.

•           In Style, February 2012, page 178. Beauty “Deals and Steals” features AO Pro Rinse as a way to clean, refresh and eliminate bad breath.

•           WABC-TV Eyewitness News in New York City ran a feature on January 12 with health reporter Lauren Glassberg about dental antioxidants and oral health. New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian Kantor explained how antioxidants—specifically AO ProVantage dental antioxidants— alleviate inflammation from cosmetic dentistry procedures and the links between inflammation and chronic illnesses.

•           If you watched The Dr. Oz Show on January 20, you caught Jennifer Goldstein, beauty director of Prevention magazine talking about AO ProVantage on the Anti-Aging Hot List. Jennifer and the good doctor talked about the wisdom of adding the protective benefits of topical antioxidants to freshly brushed teeth. After all, most adults treat their facial skin to a dose of nourishing moisturizer—often with antioxidant serum—every time they wash. Why not do the same with the tissues inside our mouths?

AO ProVantage even received a mention in a technical publication, Cure Winter 2011. In “Consider Dental Issues Before Beginning Cancer Treatment,” AO ProVantage is listed as a way to help with dry mouth, a common side effect with radiation therapy. Dr. Dennis Abbott also talks about using AO ProVantage for his dental patients who have difficult complications from cancer and cancer treatments.

Naturally, we are thrilled to see PerioSciences and AO ProVantage discussed in the media with such enthusiasm. We’re even keeping track of all of these on our website, PerioSciences.com Check it out, and read what’s the buzz about PerioSciences http://www.periosciences.com/control/media.


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