What Is Periodontal Disease?

What is Periodontal Disease“Periodontal disease” can refer to a range of dysfunctions and diseases associated with gum tissues (more commonly known as gum disease) and with the bones surrounding and supporting the teeth. Infection, inflammation, and oxidative stress resulting from an overabundance of free radical molecules are part of periodontal disease. Antioxidants phloretin and ferulic acid have been shown to counteract the free radicals associated with the oxidative stress.

The most common types of periodontal disease include:


Plaque, caused by food residue that isn’t removed from teeth quickly, can harden to form tartar, a crust of mineral material that brushing can’t clean from your teeth. Plaque and tartar are breeding grounds for bacteria and infection that cause swollen, inflamed, painful, and even bleeding gums associated with gingivitis.


If gingivitis is allowed to go unchecked, it can progress to periodontitis. Gums actually begin to pull away from the teeth, creating pockets of infection. Deterioration in the bony structure around the teeth is common, and can lead to tooth loss.

Follow these oral health tips to avoid gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can require extensive serious dental care and even surgery:

  • Brush at least twice a day, every day.
  • Floss at least once a day, and anytime you feel food stuck in the spaces between your teeth, or below the gum line.
  • Visit the dentist at least twice each year for professional cleaning below the gum line and for other necessary treatment.
  • Ask your dentist about adding antioxidants as part of your hygiene routine. AO ProVantage products provide a clean, fresh-tasting mouth and the antioxidants enhance the naturally-occurring antioxidants found in saliva.
  • Minimize your risk factors for periodontal disease. If you have diabetes, or other health issues, pay special attention to your oral hygiene. If you smoke, know that it’s one of the leading risk factors for periodontitis. AO ProVantage BLAST is especially formulated for smokers.

To learn more about antioxidants in dental care, fill out the form on our blog, and we’ll show you the potential benefits of our dental antioxidants, including phloretin or ferulic acid. To connect with PerioSciences, check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

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