The Best Toothpaste for Electric Toothbrushes

The Best Toothpaste For Electric Toothbrushes

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If raising your oral hygiene to the next level is one of your new year’s resolutions, you might think about getting an electric toothbrush. They are gaining in popularity among dental practitioners as well as consumers. Electric toothbrushes can do a great job of polishing teeth, and in some cases, removing plaque that’s difficult to reach.

There are a couple of different types of electric toothbrushes. One type uses vibration, the other uses rotation-oscillation. It is believed that the rotation-oscillation type is more effective at reducing plaque. In addition, some electric toothbrushes generate an ultrasonic wave to clean the teeth. There are also numerous styles of brush heads, designed for deep cleaning, for sensitive teeth and gums, for patients with orthodontic braces, and so on.

Low-abrasive, gel toothpaste

With all that extra power and polishing, the type of toothpaste you choose becomes extra important. If the toothpaste is too abrasive, it can erode tooth enamel. Most electronic toothbrush manufacturers recommend a gel-type toothpaste for use with their equipment.

Happily, PerioSciences toothpastes are gel formulas, ideal for use with electric toothbrushes. PerioSciences presently offers antioxidant toothpaste in two different formulas—WHITE CARE and NATURAL. (And watch for new formulas coming soon.)

Extend whitening treatments

AO ProToothpaste WHITE CARE is designed to enhance whitening treatments, including professional bleaching treatments or at-home whitening strips. The toothpaste boosts and extends the whitening effects and supplies maximum strength fluoride to fight cavities. AO ProToothpaste is part of a complete WHITE CARE System that also includes AO ProRinse and AO ProVantage dental gel. In addition to maximizing whiteness, the WHITE CARE System soothes oral tissues following teeth-whitening procedures and supplies antioxidants to help maintain normal, healthy pH balance and counteract the harsh chemicals of teeth whitening.

All natural

AO ProToothpaste NATURAL is also infused with antioxidants in a gentle but powerful gel formula. Along with AO ProRinse NATURAL and AO ProVantage, the toothpaste is also a part of the complete NATURAL System. All the products in the NATURAL system are free of alcohol, fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and artificial sweeteners. Environmentally friendly and naturally healthy, the powerful antioxidants counteract toxins that cause free-radical damage in soft oral tissues.

Both the NATURAL and the WHITE CARE formulations of AO ProToothpaste include hydroxyapatite, or crystalline calcium phosphate, which is the mineral that forms the structure of teeth. Dental scientists are recognizing hydroxyapatite as a means of remineralizing teeth and combatting cavities.

So if you’re switching to an electric toothbrush, be sure to check with your dentist about the best style of brush head and the proper technique.

And since you’re committed to the best possible oral hygiene, be sure to order PerioSciences AO ProToothpaste, AO ProRinse and AO ProVantage in either the WHITE CARE or NATURAL System.

If you’d like to build a powerful daily health regimen to help you keep your teeth looking and feeling their best, PerioSciences can help. Our AO ProVantage products and AO ProRinse help soothe dental tissues and keep your mouth healthy. To learn more about antioxidants in dental care, fill out the form on our blog. To connect with PerioSciences, check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

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