PerioSciences In The Spotlight

PerioSciences In The SpotlightThe popular press is shining the light on the AO ProVantage products for beautiful, healthy (and sexy) age-defying smiles. Here are some recent mentions.

• InStyle Magazine, April 2012. “Beauty at Any Age: Make It Last! Sexy Smile; Your key products for your fifties and beyond PerioSciences’ AO ProVantage.”
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• Self Magazine, February 2012. “Your Prettiest Smile. Ever.” AO ProVantage is part of the recommendation for Protecting your smile.
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•, November 6, 2011. “Mouth health: Center of the wellness universe,”
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Professional Attention

Professional publications are also turning the examination light on to PerioSciences. Our product line, including AO ProVantage dental gel, AO Pro Rinse and AO ProVantage BLAST stepped into the bright light of media attention during the Chicago Midwinter 2012, the annual meeting of the Chicago Dental Society. Several publications that cover the dental profession picked up the story, including:
• Dr., February 14, 2012. “PerioSciences to unveil antioxidant-based oral care products.”
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• Corona, February 28, 2012. “PerioSciences Showcases its AO ProVantage Family of Antioxidant Oral Care Products.”
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• Dentistry iQ, February 14, 2012, “AO ProVantage product family to be presented at Chicago Midwinter 2012.”
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• Dental Tribune, March 2012.
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• The Dental Implant Blog, March 2012
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• Dental Compare, March 2012
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People who attended the conference were impressed with the excitement surrounding PerioSciences and the unveiling of the new product. In addition, two prominent periodontologists were presenters at the conference. Their comments about the promise of dental antioxidants for oral health—including case studies from their own practices—brought dentists, hygienists, and other specialists to the PerioSciences booth clamoring for more information. A substantial portion of Dr. Edward P. Allen’s remarks were published in a recent professional journal.

• Dentistry iQ, January 19, 2012 “Emerging indications: antioxidants for periodontal disease,” by Edward P. Allen, DDS, PhD.
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Also, Dr. Allen and Dr. Sam Low, and Dr. Dennis Abbott were featured in Spark 360 online videos, interviewed by Rene San Miguel. The videos discuss oral health and the oral/systemic link as well as the use of antioxidants for dental patients.

• Spark 360, January 2012. Rene San Miguel interviews Dr. Pat Allen and Dr. Dennis Abbott to learn more about salivary antioxidants and their role in fighting cancer and other oral disease. Both doctors describe the amazing success they’ve seen with AO ProVantage on their patients with oral cancer.
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• Spark 360, November 2011. Rene San Miguel’s video features interviews with Dr. Sam Low and Dr. Pat Allen, who discuss the innovations in dental medicine presented by topical antioxidants.
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• Spark 360, October 2011. Rene San Miguel’s video describes the background of PerioSciences products.
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Professional dental hygienists have also responded enthusiastically to the way AO ProVantage products add to their patients’ oral health, including patients with significant oral health challenges.

• Dentistry iQ, August 2011. “Oral antioxidants: A weapon in wound healing,” by Jamie White, RDH. Describes this dental professional’s recommendation to include AO ProVantage for patients recovering from oral surgery or other wounds.
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• RDH Magazine, February 2012. “Antioxidants, free radicals, and oxidative stress” by Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH.
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• The Deziree Show, a blog for dental hygienists, includes a video of an interview with Karen Davis, RDH, from June 22, 2011. The discussion includes the oral/systemic link, oxidative stress, and the how AO ProVantage is especially helpful for the oral care of patients who smoke.
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• RDH Magazine, October 2011. “UOR is once again an amazing meeting,” by Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH. A review of the RDH Under One Roof conference in Chicago, where she was wowed by the PerioSciences product line.

For a complete view of publications that have featured PerioSciences products or articles related to the use of dental antioxidants, check out the website.

To connect with PerioSciences, visit us out on Facebook or Twitter.

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