PerioSciences in the Media for January

PerioSciences In the MediaThe word is spreading fast that PerioSciences is redefining oral care with antioxidants. Some of the powerhouses of publishing have mentioned us recently in their January issues.

Harper’s January 2013, “New Year New You,” by Jessica Prince lists products for a “head-to-toe makeover.” On page 266, the article focuses on a dazzling smile, including whitening toothpaste. “Try…PerioSciences AO ProToothpaste WHITE CARE,” it says. “Chock-full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and calm irritation that can result from the chemicals in bleaching formulas.”

Cosmopolitan, January 2013, “Go From Crazed to Crazy Gorgeous,” by Marta Topan, p. 140. Great suggestions for reversing some of the damage inflicted on our bodies during a hectic holiday season. On page 145, for those who have “tossed back a ton of coffee and wine,” the article quotes Dr. Sam Low, professor of periodontics at the University of Florida. Dr. Low gives advice about dealing with stains on teeth (it starts with careful brushing). And since bleach can cause gum inflammation, the article notes, “To preempt irritation rub on oral antioxidant gel like the one by PerioSciences onto gums prebleach and after brushing before bed.”

Check out the “Media” section on the PerioSciences website, You’ll see several other publications that have featured PerioSciences products in the past year.

You’ll also see several trade publications for dental professionals. You see, PerioSciences antioxidant oral care products—AO ProVantage dental gel, AO ProToothpaste, and AO ProRinse plus our newest Antioxidant Oral Care Systems WHITE CARE and NATURAL—offer much more than just white teeth and a sexy mouth.

The products are based on serious science, and dentists are recommending our dental antioxidants for their patients.

But don’t just take the word of the media. Find out for yourself. Ask your dentist about PerioSciences dental antioxidant products, or visit our website for information or to purchase a supply for yourself.

PerioSciences is dedicated to innovating antioxidant use and providing the best oral care products. If you would like to learn more about antioxidants in oral care and our products, join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

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