Dentist + Patients = True Love

 How many of us think about loving our dentist?

For the white knuckled types, the idea is laughable. But stop to consider a few points. Our relationship with a dentist can be one of the most important and rewarding.

Dentists, like any health care professional, have chosen a career that is dedicated to serving. Most dentists are by nature relational and caring—they are motivated to help people. (This applies to their staff, as well. You already know that your dental hygienist and the receptionists and all those folks are great people-persons!)

Dentists are also motivated by their scientific interest and aptitude. That’s what gets them through the rigors of dental school. Lest we forget, D.D.S. stands for doctor of dental science. Good dentists continue to stay on top of the latest science and innovation because of their innate curiosity, and because of the way they strive to care for their patients.

There may be some dentists out there whose primary motivation is money; who view patients as yacht payments. But the overwhelming majority really do have the best interests of the patients at heart—including the latest ideas for their overall health.

The other side of the love equation is patients. People come to a dentist because of their teeth. But teeth are only a part of what constitutes a person. Dentists realize that patients are people with families, jobs and zillions of other concerns. More important, dentists realize that teeth are only one part of a person’s overall health.

Dentists have a rightful place as part of a complete healthcare team. As evidence mounts that connects trouble in the mouth with other illness, dentists are sometimes on the front lines in the battle for health and well-being. They may be the first to spot an obscure symptom that leads to a complex diagnosis. And since pain or inflammation in the mouth can affect the way people eat, talk, sleep and otherwise live their lives, a dentist’s treatment may make the difference between a miserable existence and a happy, healthy outlook.

So don’t think of a trip to your dentist as a chore or a terrifying event. Instead, think of it as another opportunity to enhance your relationship—to let your dentist get to know you and for you to get to trust this compassionate practitioner. The better your dental team knows you, the better they can serve you and help you maximize your oral and overall health.

A relationship with your dentist. What’s not to love?

More and more dentists are encouraging their patients to add a dental antioxidant to the oral health regimen of brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups. To learn more about how AO ProVantage products from PerioSciences contribute to your oral and overall health, , fill out the form on our blog. To connect with PerioSciences, check us out on Facebook or Twitter.

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