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PerioSciences Launches Two Oral Hygiene Systems with Antioxidant Toothpaste, Mouth Rinse, and Dental Gel

Your smile. It’s the facial feature that half the people you meet notice first. Your breath. If it’s bad, it’s the number-one turn-off for face-to-face encounters. Your oral health. Scientists are constantly increasing the list of chronic diseases that are … Continue reading

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Oral Health Effects of Tobacco Use

The dangerous health effects of tobacco have been documented and studied in American medicine since at least the mid-twentieth century. Smoking and other forms of tobacco use can have a range of serious consequences in the mouth alone. The Health … Continue reading

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Does Teeth Whitening Hurt my Oral Health?

According to MSNBC, tooth whitening is the “No. 1 requested cosmetic service today.”  The tooth whitening industry has expanded by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years, as dentists have begun to offer cutting-edge whitening treatments and over-the-counter options … Continue reading

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