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Oral Health Effects of Tobacco Use

The dangerous health effects of tobacco have been documented and studied in American medicine since at least the mid-twentieth century. Smoking and other forms of tobacco use can have a range of serious consequences in the mouth alone. The Health … Continue reading

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The Effects of Nicotine On Oral Tissue

Years of research confirms smoking and other forms of tobacco use have negative effects on overall health, but it is especially important to pay attention to the effects of nicotine on oral tissue.  Nicotine can cause bad breath, lead to … Continue reading

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The Heartbreak of Halitosis

Halitosis. Bacteria. Food debris. Violent sulfur compounds. Bad breath and everythingabout it are just, well, disgusting. The most common cause of bad breath is food particles that remain trapped around the mouth, tongue, teeth and gums. Normal bacteria that help … Continue reading

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