Antioxidants for the Graduate

Students throwing graduation hatsMay and June are the months when high schools and college celebrate graduation. It’s a bittersweet time for most graduates and their loved ones.

On the one hand, graduation is a mark of accomplishment. It’s a happy relief to cross that finish line and walk the stage. No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks. Also, no more term papers, final exams, or tuition payments.

However, delightful as it is to celebrate the accomplishment, it can be a worrisome life transition for students and for their families. As students toss their mortarboards in the air, they may have queasy stomachs about what comes next. Typically, kids leave home for the first time, often to attend college. The all-new environment of college can be both alluring and daunting with more freedom, but also more responsibility. Graduates beginning their careers may have similar jitters—especially if they haven’t quite landed the job they desire. For almost every graduate, graduation starts a high dive into the deep unknown.

For parents and families, graduation means another snip to the apron strings. Always a mixed blessing, seeing children grow up and move on can mean freedom from the tyranny of school schedules; but it can also mean the troubling feelings of an empty nest.

Tools for the journey

So one good way to ease the launch is to arm the graduate with tools for the journey: Some sound and seasoned advice. A functional car or computer. A little boost to the bank account. And a supply of antioxidant oral care products.

Think about it. A supply of PerioSciences AO ProVantage products will make sure the graduate has the right products for excellent oral hygiene to ensure:
• A healthy-looking smile and fresh breath
• Proper care for teeth and gums, the most important part of dental health.
• A defense against the ravages of free radicals that attack delicate oral tissues.
• Pleasant-tasting toothpaste, mouth rinse and dental gel that encourage frequent use.

Plus, if you set up an auto-refill with the PerioSciences easy to use online system, the graduate has one less thing to worry about running out of.

Celebrate the moment, applaud the achievement. Send the graduate off with best wishes and the best possible oral care.

P.S. If the graduation celebration includes some serious partying, remember that alcohol is no friend to oral tissues. It attacks the cell walls, releasing free radicals that set up a chain reaction leading to cell damage. It’s best to be armed with antioxidant oral care products to replenish the natural antioxidants in saliva and help restore a healthy oral environment.

To help keep the chemistry of your mouth in balance, consider using antioxidant-rich products like those offered by PerioSciences. To learn more about antioxidants in oral care, fill out the form on our blog. Also, be sure to connect with PerioSciences on Facebook and Twitter.

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